The Metrology Laboratory of IFREMER has three main activities :

  • Calibration:

Calibration and metrological verification of the quality of measurements provided by scientific measurement devices.

It is the main activity of the laboratory. Generally, more than 100 measurement devices are calibrated each year.

  • Sensor characterization:

Occasionally, the laboratory performs more in-depth studies of the behaviour and capabilities of new measurement sensors made available.

  • Research:

In order to fulfil the increasing need of data quality (more reliable measurements, more accurate), the metrology laboratory pursues a policy aiming at improving quality and traceability of oceanographic data.

Such an improvement requires:

     - The homogenisation of European practices in the metrological control of oceanographic sensors and their associated data (joint agreement on practical implementation between the European oceanographic institutes)

     - The realisation of upstream research activities about the metrological references themselves (standards) either to improve the measurement uncertainty or to create them when they don’t exist.

Finally, the metrology laboratory also performs the following activities:

  • Training:

Internal training in metrology are proposed to the staff of IFREMER,

  • Consulting:

Through a partnership to understanding or the resolution of a metrological problem (definition of measurands, knowledge of the sensors’ technology, influence parameters in the measurement, definition and development of procedures, uncertainty evaluation),

  • Metrology and quality expertise:

Through the realisation of internal audits within IFREMER or external for other companies,