meetings projects (MINKE WP2 « First Harmonization Workshop », WP9 meeting and SapHTies mid-term) - 17-19 october 2022 - Brest

During three days, Ifremer LDCM (Laboratoire Détection, Capteurs et Mesures) Metrology laboratory welcomed the European partners of MINKE and SapHTies projects at Ifremer Bretagne Center. The meetings occured both virtually and in person.

  • Monday 17th of October 2022: MINKE WP2 « First Harmonization Workshop » and visit of Ifremer facilities 
  • Tuesday 18th of October 2022: SapHTies mid-term meeting and visit of Ifremer facilities
  • Wednesday 19th of October 2022: MINKE WP9 meeting 

MINKE: Metrology for Integrated marine maNagement and Knowledge-transfer nEtwork
MINKE is an INFRAIA “Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities” project that brings together 16 key European marine metrology research infrastructures to coordinate their use and development and propose an innovative framework of “quality of oceanographic data” for the different European actors in charge of monitoring and managing the EOVs (Essential Ocean Variables) and marine ecosystems.

SapHTies: Metrology for standardised seawater pHT measurements in support of international and European climate strategies 
The outcomes of the project will have a major impact in the capacity to deliver accurate and traceable measurements results compared to current procedures use to assess and quantify seawater acidity. This will be significant for the science and also for delivering tools needed to provide communities and policy makers in Europe and internationally with evidence to act to ensure a sustainable future ocean.